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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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d.c. area. had a few reports of flooding on roadways. moderate to heavy echoes of rain. heavy rain right now from hagerstown to hancock. that's moving to the north and west of frostburg. western shore, light rain. but they'll see some rain later tonight. and we'll continue to see pockets of rain this evening. now, late tonight, very, very late tonight. we do expect to see perhaps a change in the city to wet snow. i'm talking maybe 1:00 in the morning. north and west of the city, it will be coming sooner. obviously garrett county, winter storm warning for areas north of the city. baltimore county, carroll, frederick, western howard and areas west of us, there's a winter weather advisory. and a flood watch continues through all of those areas as you can see. all across central maryland, virginia, they've had minor flooding reports. how much snow do we expect out of the city. rain on the eastern shore. and up in garrett county,
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frostburg, areas will see 4 to 8 inches. already 1 to 3 in some of those mountain areas already this afternoon. temperatures late tonight. will get down to close to freezing. there can be some icy spots, particularly north and west of the city. late tonight. and early in the morning. we expect to see quick clearing and a cool but sunny day tomorrow. and if it starts snowing in your neighborhood, first warning weather would like to e- mail pictures. you can see them at or click on the link at the top of the home page. former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky is arrested again. he faces 12 additional charges of sexual abuse, brought by two more alleged investments. sandusky is behind bars right now. police watch jerry sandusky from his home, wearing handcuffs. the former penn state football coach, now faces 12 additional charges of sexually abusing two more young boys. that brings the total number of
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sex charges he faces to 52. and the number of alleged victims, to 10. before the arrest, sandusky's attorney responded to reports that another accuser had come forward. >> jerry has denied those allegations as he has the original allegations. but we're hoping we'll get more information as we proceed. >> reporter: the 67-year-old sandusky went on record, after the initial allegations, denying the charges, while admitting he was very physical with many boys, even sleeping with them alone in hotel rooms, showering with them touching their legs. sandusky says it was completely innocent. >> a lot of people find that inappropriate. but it's not criminal that they get a shower. in fact, i think the way jerry has described tthe kids with whom they showered were basically like his own kids. he treated them like his own kids. and jerry really didn't feel like he was doing anything wrong with getting showers with them. >> the accuser allegedly met sandusky through a charity for
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underaged kids. at least five are expected to testify at sandusky's preliminary hearing next week. in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. now, sandusky was arraigned in court this afternoon, and a district judge set bail at $250,000 cash. if he posts bail, he will be required to wear an ankle monitor. and today's prosecutors announced there will be no state charges for a former syracuse university basketball coach. investigators say two men who accused better thany fine of sexual abuse are credible. but the statute of the limitations has run out. fine could eventually face charges as a resulting from this. the family files a lawsuit against carroll county. a little boy was killed when a tree fell on top of him in 2009. wjz is live at johns hopkins. mike hellgren speaks to the family of the victim. >> reporter: this is where
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little noah acid was former -- formally pronounced dead. and that lawsuit which was just filed, is raising new questions about responsibility. >> reporter: katherine acid is still shaken, almost two years after a tree crushed her son, 9- year-old noah to death. he was attending a camp run pie carroll county. his family is suing the county for $12 million, saying the massive tree was already dead and should have been cut down and that counselors took children outside during high winds when they should have been kept indoors. >> it's awful. i mean, you wake up every day. and, you know, my only child is gone. >> the clear priority of carroll county was to protect their property and not protect these kids. >> reporter: the county attorney told wjz he had not seen the lawsuit and can't comment on it. >> reporter: the death was painful enough for the family. but they say the response from the county made it worse. >> they sent noah's mom a
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refund of the $120 she pid for the camp. mom said she got no apology, instead, this refund, saying the event did not go as planned and invited her to attend a maple sugar festival. >> they should be ashamed really for sending out a letter like that to kathy. >> i was like, are you kidding me? i couldn't believe it. >> noah's family is demanding accountability. but they'll never get back the one thing they really want. him. >> reporter: and the county has 30 days to formally respond to this lawsuit. reporting live at hopkins, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. you know, his grandparents are also part of that lawsuit. noah's father was murdered three months after his death. first, she was a victim. now she is a suspect. the transgendered woman who was beaten inside a baltimore county mcdonald's is in trouble with police. vic is in the newsroom to explain. >> kristychristy polis was arrested this week.
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she first made headlines when she was attacked inside a mcdonald's for trying to use the bathroom. now, she is accused of shouting obscenities. court documents showed she became agitated when she tried to report a robbery. she faces a charge for disorderly conduct. >> polis is currently free on bail. police are investigating the possible theft of her purse. one day after paul schurick is found guilty of election fraud, many are wondering how this will impact politics. derek valcourt explains the fallout from the scandal. >> reporter: political observers say increasingly, the law is looking at politicians, their operatives and their actions with a closer eye. >> reporter: a baltimore jury ruled ehrlich campaign manager paul schurick authorized fraudulent robocalls, intended to keep african american democrats from voting, implying that ehrlich had already won. >> this is a blatant charge.
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he points out schurick was prosecuted around a relatively new election law. but he says tougher laws aren't enough to change the way they are played out in maryland. >> people are going to be corrupt, regardless of the law. take a look at jack johnson. >> tuesday, they sentenced jack johnson to seven years in prison, after a jury convicted him of bribery charges. that comes almost two years after sheila dixon left baltimore in disgrace. and just last month, state senator ulysses currie beat federal charges that he accepted bribes from a grocery chain, but now faces possible ethics punishment from his colleagues in the state house. schurick's conviction, now the latest in a series of political scandals. >> i hope it sends a message to people who work out there on the, you know, sort of the dirty edge of politics and think they can get away with stuff like this. this is a signal that maybe you
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can't get away it. and maybe you better be careful. maybe you better not do it. >> reporter: not the last we've heard of the robocall trial. the accused coconspirator in the case, julius henson, is scheduled for trial. in february, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> paul schurick faces the possibility of up to 12 years in prison at his sentencing february 16th. the ravens will go for their fourth straight victory when they take on the indianapolis colts sunday. mark viviano joins us now with more. >> the colts had been a perennial super bowl contender for a decade, kicking the ravens around for a decade with regularity. but the colts come to town with no victories. and no peyton manning. and the ravens are the team that are the super bowl favorite, which sets up this game as a major mismatch. >> so how can we add some spice to what should be a bland beet down by the dominant ravens?
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how about the history of the colts? who were once beloved in baltimore before they bolted? fans might care. but these ravens? >> colts have been gone for how long? >> '84. >> were you born yet? >> with manning missing, the ravens miss a shot at beating a guy who has beaten baltimore eight straight times, including twice in the play-offs. you always want to beat the best. >> you never want to see a guy hurt. especially with an injury like payton has. so i definitely wish him the best. not going to take this team lightly as if he -- it's going to be for preparation the same way as if he's in there. >> payton has been a big part of our organization for, you know, ever since i can remember. so to have a guy like that hurt, yeah, you can see why it would probably bring a little bit of struggles. >> no manning, no victories. indie doesn't stand a chance sunday, right?
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well, the ravens are guarding against being overconfident. >> this is the nfl. and they're professionals. and we're expecting them to line up here and come up and play. so yeah. definitely -- i mean, they're just the biggest threat to us as we were playing anybody else. >> and along those lines today, suggs and the ravens were quick to recall what happened in 2007 when they played the 0-13 miami dolphins. the ravens lost that game. and soon after, brian billick lost his job. so lesson learned. denise? >> all right. never count on anything. thank you, mark. and you can see the ravens take on the colts. never know when it will happen. tune in sunday at 1:00. still ahead at 5:00 on eyewitness news. alec baldwin, kicked off an airplane. tonight, another celebrity passenger explains what happened. a major decision about the morning after pill. will young girls be allowed to buy it over the counter? >> i'm alex demetrick. coming up, a day of remembrance for those who survive the
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attack at pearl harbor. that story as eyewitness news continues. wjz continues to track a winter storm. you're looking live at western maryland. bob will have more on what to expect in his updated forecast. and because of the threat of snow, wjz is going on a half hour early tomorrow morning at 4:30. we will have the latest first warning forecast and any school delays or closings. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the morning after pill will not be available on drug store shelves. drew levinson reports for wjz, it's an unusual decision that has women's health advocates upset. >> the nation's health secretary has stopped the morning after pill from being more widely distributed. in a surprise move, health and
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human services secretary, kathleen sebilluous, overruled an fda plan to would have allowed the morning after contraception to be sold over the counter. instead, those under 16 will need a prescription to buy it. >> as an obgyn and as a father, i find this decision to be really mind boggling. it makes no sense whatever. >> sebelius says the drug is safe and effective. but is concerned younger girls may not understand how to use it. others applaud the decision. >> we think that removing that necessary medical screening and that interaction with the medical professional is not in the interest of young women's health. >> reporter: the company that makes planb had hoped with the fda's approval. now they'll stay behind the farm counter. >> reporter: college students we spoke to understood the
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controversy. >> if you allow teenagers to have the plan b, it just gives it like an open area to go and have sex. >> if you're 13 years old, you're not that responsible yet. so i feel like it should be over the counter. >> reporter: the company that makes the bill says it's going to review the decision before taking its next step. in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: plan b contains a higher dose of the hormone progestin that has been widely used in regular birth control pills for decades. >> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin, at week traffic control. things are just a mess out there. if you're traveling on the outer loop, from 95 to stevenson road. 45 minutes to get through. on the inner loop, a couple of different delays there. on the southwest side, from southwestern boulevard to security boulevard, at least 25 minutes to get through that delay. and you're looking at another 30 minutes from the top side to harford road. northbound 95.
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stop and go there. it's just crawling along there from the 895 split to whitemarsh boulevard. harrisburg expressway, really backing down there in the northbound direction from the beltway to belfast. and we have a couple of accidents. we have one on the outer loop, really messing up traffic as well. two right lanes blocked at richie highway. we're also watching? heavy congestion, northbound on the jones falls expressway from fayette street to north avenue. let's take a live look. as you can see, things just bumper to bumper on the outer loop. that's a look at providence road. and you can take another live look. thinning out just a bit on the outer loop at baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. you can call them at 1-877-75 bills. back to you. >> thank you, kris tee. today marks the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. they gathered for ceremonies. as alex demetrick reports, one
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of those survive survivors remembered the attack at a ceremony in baltimore's inner harbor. >> reporter: it was raining in baltimore. but 70 years ago today, the coast guard cutter tainy was anchored under sunny skies in hawaii. until the japanese attack on pearl harbor plunged the ship and america into war. thomas talbot was there when it happened. >> it was such a shock. you know, next minute you hear bombs dropping. they were right over the top of the ship. that was the first time i ever saw water burn. it was terrible. i'll never forget it. >> reporter: men who later served aboard the tainy joined talbot for the 70th anniversary of the attack. they were in the states when it happened. >> i was in high school at that time. and i planned to go in the coast guard, which i did. i enlisted -- i think we would have gone right then, if they had taken people who were 16 and 17. >> reporter: lose collier was already in the coast guard, in
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boston. >> everybody was up in the air. nobody knew. they hit the panic button and called us owl back. >> and now -- all back. >> and now, as i remembers like today, call back fewer yeech year, the ones who lived history and passed it on. >> my whole life changed that day. the whole world changed as far as i was concerned. >> reporter: and continues to change, as those who remember best, drift on. alexalex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the coast guard cutter tainy has the historic distinction of being the only vessel attacked at pearl harbor that is still afloat. a lot of history. >> wow. >> lots of rain out there tonight. very, very messy tonight. later tonight. could be some snow. still pretty warm. north/northwest winds, 57. ,,,,,
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ooh. >> that snow on the ground. the traffic is moving pretty well. because we're talking garrett county. >> october in garrett county. they're very, very prepared to hit the equipment because they get so much snow. it slowed down. but there's snow to the west of
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us, from frostburg west. and later tonight, it will get enough, we do think, in the city north and west. that we will see a change from this heavy rain to some wet, wet snow later tonight. there we see plenty of rain. particularly across western maryland. still moderate rain going on across the region as you can see. we can pick up easily another inch of rain. we've seen about an inch and a quarter all right. -- already. and a flood watch remains in effect for the baltimore area. and all areas out to the western maryland area as well. take a look at temperatures. it's still pretty warm here. still 52. 59, ocean city. just dropped to 69 in salisbury. very, very warm air, with no rain down there. 39, cumberland. 30, oakland with snow, from froaft burg west. -- frost burg west. 43 in hagerstown. it's beginning to drop there. temperatures will continue to drop. 47 right now. earlier this morning, we were in the low 60s.
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now we're in the low 50s. upper 40s. as the chilly air comes in, probably by about 11:00, 12:00, north and west of us, if the temperature is back around 36, 37, we'll start seeing the wet snow. in the baltimore region, if it's going to happen, maybe 2:00 in the morning, we'll see a little snow across the region. at least in the city. now, to the west and southwest of us, plenty of rain today, all upon and down the east coast. one area of snow. memphis. northern mississippi. had snow today. now, it's snowing across western pa, as you can see. and that snow line, slowly advancing to the east. cold air continues to filter in. plenty of rain up towards new england. still in the 50s up there as well. garrett county west. that's where the snow is. in fact, some heavy snow over there in west virginia. you can see. this is going to move through quickly later tonight. this low pressure will move off the coast. it will quickly dry out. by 6:00, 7:00 in the morning, i expect to see the sun back up. friday, ahead of a front, a
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little warmer. then it gets cold again, but dry, all weekend long. rain south and east. generally an inch -- or maybe a trace to an inch. few of the higher areas. and the blue ridge, catoctins, up to 4 inches. 4 to 8, definitely in far western maryland. west winds, 15 to 20 on the bay. and the bay temp around 50 degrees. tonight, then, rain, eventually late tonight, overnight. mixing and snow for a little while. 32. so there can be icy spots. 46 tomorrow. a sunny, breezy and cooler day than we've seen the last three or four days. >> potentially, a little ice in some spots, late, late tonight, and early tomorrow morning. watch out for that. >> all right. thank you, bob. stay with wjz as bob was saying. because of the threat of snow, wjz is going on half hour early tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll have the latest first warning forecast and and any
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school closings or delays. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. headed to federal prison. a harsh prison sentence for the man who tried to sell president obama's vacant senate seat. tired of waiting for help? one homeowner takes action. why his anger over a power outage landed him in handcuffs. it's report card day for baltimore city schools. how did they stack up against others in major urban cities? i'm weijia jiang, wi,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 5:29. right now, 52 degrees with rain in the baltimore region. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the report card is in for baltimore city schools. students ranked below national average. but they're still making some important progress. wjz is live at city school headquarters. weijia jiang is there and explains the problems, dragging baltimore students down. >> the numbers show that it's not numbers that seem to be giving baltimore city students trouble. it's words. >> baltimore city elementary and middle school students are making some strides. >> we can all read better. we can write better. and our math skills have gone far beyond what i ever expected. >> reporter: and the numbers back that claim up but only to an extent. on wednesday, the city released results of the nation's report
5:30 pm
card. they tested fourth and 8th graders in 21 large urban school districts across the country. 2011 results show overall, students here are in the bottom third. but the city's gains in maths are among the highest in all districts. it's reading scores that don't budge. >> either the quality of what is being read. or the reading itself is taking too much time away from the core reading instruction. >> reporter: this particular exam is considered to be more rigorous in the state assessment test, which students have been steadily improving on for the past decade. >> reporter: only 11% of fourth graders are considered proficient in reading. and 17% proficient in math. scores put baltimore ahead of detroit, washington and cleveland. but behind new york, boston, atlanta and other cities. the head of baltimore schools admits there is still a steep decline. >> there is such a need to move
5:31 pm
the numbers of kids towards the proficiency band that we can't -- the urgency in the work has to be there, even as we celebrate the advancements that we're making. >> reporter: dr. andres alonzo says he wants to point out one achievement as especially encouraging. he says low-income, african american males here in baltimore city are excelling, compared to their piers nationwide. we're live in baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> weijia, thank you. students take the national assessment test every two years. >> we are following a developing story right now. two female baltimore city police officers are on leave, pending an investigation involving sex. a police spokesman tells wjz, the incident occurred in october, reported by another police officer. they will not detail the allegations, but police say the officers who are members of the mounted patrol unit were off duty at the time and in a public place. the officers may have engaged
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in conduct against the department's integrity policy. the names of the officers are not being released. a stabbing at a maryland high school is under investigation tonight. detectives say a 17-year-old student was attacked outside northwood high school in silver spring. the victim was stabbed several times last night while she tried to break up a fight between other students. police are trying to locate two female suspects, believed to be students at kennedy high school. it appears jerry sandusky tried to get a new coaching job, even while he was being investigated for child sex abuse. vic is in the newsroom to explain. >> sandusky applied to be a football coach in may 2010. but the college didn't hire him because he failed a background checked. the school says he failed to disclose that he was the subject of a molestation probe. he faces a preliminary hearing next week, december 13th. kai, back to you. >> sandusky is now charged with abusing 10 young boys. he maintains his innocence.
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>> reporter: the former governor of illinois is headed to federal prison today. rod blagojevich learned his sentence for 18 counts of corruption. alexis christoforous has the story for wjz. >> reporter: rod blagojevich fought his way through the crowd, minutes after hearing his sentence. >> this is the time to fight through adversity. this is the time for me to be strong for my children. be strong for patty. >> reporter: the judge ordered the former illinois governor to serve 14 years in prison for corruption. a stiffer penalty for most of the state's corruption cases, but less than the 20 years the 54-year-old could have faced. before hearing his sentence, blagojevich made a plea for mercy. his voice cracking with emotion, he told the judge, he never set out to break the law but admitted making terrible mistakes, and said he is unbelievably sorry. prosecutors said blagojevich damaged the public's confidence in government and deserved a stiff sentence. >> today's sentence of 14 years
5:34 pm
on former governor blagojevich, sends a strong message that the public has had enough and judges have had enough. >> reporter: blagojevich's troubles began three years ago, after the fbi caught him on wire taps, offering to sell political favors. prosecutors said one tape proved he was trying to auction president obama's vacant senate seat to the highest bidder. >> i've got this thing and it's [ bleep ] golden. >> reporter: some of the jurors who convicted blagojevich, returned to hear his punishment. >> i think that to not see it through and come here, i would have been wondering what occurred for the rest of my life. and i needed to experience it. >> reporter: blagojevich is the second illinois governor in a row to be sentenced to prison and the fourth in the last four decades. >> reporter: alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> and blagojevich must also pay a $20,000 fine. the judge gave him until february 16th to report to prison. the settlement is being offered to the victims of the stage collapse at the indiana state fair.
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seven people were killed when that stage was knocked down during a violent storm. the families of the deceased will receive at least $300,000. the rest of the $5 million fund will go to those injured in the incident. the families have until december 12th to accept or reject that offer. a 30-year-old legal battle over a racially-charged murder in philadelphia has come to an end. prosecutors have dropped their push to execute convicted cop killer, mumia abu jabal. he became the center of an international debate at the center of the death penalty. prosecutors say he didn't want to continue the lengthy appeal. actor alec baldwin kicked off a plane. he claims it was because he was playing with his phone. but american airlines is disputing that story. wjz has reaction from other passengers. >> reporter: the award-winning actor, alec baldwin was
5:36 pm
apparently kick off a flight yesterday at los angeles international airport, for using his smart phone, after flight attendants instructed all passengers to shut off electronic devices. he quickly turned to that same device to spread the news to his followers on twitter. flight attendant on american reamed me out for playing words with friends while we sat at the gate, not moving. >> the stewardess told everyone to turn everything off. and he was doing it. >> reporter: boxer oscar de la hoya was seated near baldwin on the new york-bound flight and witnessed the incident. >> alec baldwin was turning off his devices. and i don't know. he just got a little angry. that's about it. >> reporter: while baldwin claimed to be playing a game, other passengers reported baldwin was actually talking on the phone and that when the flight attendant insisted he shut off his device, he stormed into the bathroom and began to beat on the walls, causing a 45- minute delay. >> he was very rude. caused us to be delayed.
5:37 pm
not very considerate. >> he looked a little intoxicated to me. >> reporter: american airlines would not comment on the situation. but a crewmember involved in the incident, who would not give her name, told the new york post, he was violent, abusive and aggressive. it was unsafe to keep him on board. that's why he got kicked out. he was asked five times. i contacted the captain. we were brought back in. and he was let off the plane. >> reporter: a spokesperson for baldwin offered this defense for the incident. alec was asked to leave the flight for playing words with friends while parked at the gate. he loves wwf so much that he was willing to leave a plane for it. and baldwin later tweeted, now on the 3:00 american flight. the flight attendants already look smarter. cbs news caught up with baldwin when he timely landed in new york late last night. >> hold up for a second. >> reporter: betty nguyen, cbs news, new york. and american airlines says its flight attendants follow
5:38 pm
federal safety regulations, regarding electronic devices. a california man is arrested after police say his anger over a recent power outage crossed the line. they say the 73-year-old jeffrey commons threatened to get a gun and shoot everyone inside the city office. commons denies even owning a gun. he was arrested after arriving at the mayor's office to file a formal complaint. he said he was without power for six days, following last week's wind storm. firefighters allow a tennessee house to burn to the ground. it's all because the homeowners could not afford to pay a $75 subscription fee for fire service. this is the second time they have watched a house burn because of unpaid fees. the city says it will not change the controversial policy because it cannot maintain its equipment without the money. nearly all of the republican presidential candidates speak at a forum in washington, d.c. but the stakes are highest for two of them. mitt romney and newt gingrich are locked in a fierce battle
5:39 pm
for votes. danielle nottingham reports for wjz, it comes just weeks before the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage at the republican jewish coalition forum friday, fighting to lock in more support. >> i would lead us to a better place. join me and together we will reclaim and rebuild the america we love. >> he had been trying to stay above the fray. but now faces a serious challenge from newt gingrich. >> and i believe that if president obama is reelected after this mess, that eight years of obama will truly make the country dramatically more difficult and have dramatically greater problems. >> reporter: the former house speaker holds a double digit lead among iowa voters, according to the latest seeks news, new york times poll. >> reporter: the cbs poll also shows seven out of 10 iowa republicans say the economy is the most important issue facing the country. >> reporter: gop voters at wednesday's forum echoed that
5:40 pm
message. >> like romney so far. think he is probably the most qualified. to deal with this economic issues that we have now. >> i'm probably leaning toward mitt romney and john huntsman because i think their times as governor has proven to be very confident. >> gingrich and romney may be leading the race in iowa now. but with four weeks until the caucuses, the cbs news poll shows the majority of republicans there could change their mind about who they support. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> cbs poll has 31% of republican caucus goers in iowa, supporting gingrich. 17% backing romney. and 16% picking ron paul. the founder on facebook falls victim to a privacy flaw. someone found a loophole on facebook. the company says a glitch in the system, used to report
5:41 pm
inappropriate images, briefly allowed users to view other people's private ticket pictures. the bug has since been fixed. time now for a look at what you'll find. more on the audit's state system. a look at high-fashion accessories, for your mobile phones and tablets. and more from baseball's winter baseball's wint meetings in dallas. for more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. one of the most popular shows on and off broadway is headed back to the hippodrome. jessica kartalija reports, the lion king is becoming an award- winning musical worldwide. >> reporter: before the light comes on. crews are hard at work. setting the stage for what's become... ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: one of the most popular shows in the country. broadway's award-winning, best musical, the lion king. >> most of this is made of
5:42 pm
either carbon fiber or foam. and they are very light. >> oh, they are light. >> reporter: michael curry is the show's head carpenter. >> it's not your typical show. there's over 40 or 50 pupets. and not what you think of like this. but where the people of the cast become the puppet. >> reporter: it takes 17 trailers to move the show from city to city. inside those trailers, puppets, scenery, costumes and these props. >> carey has traveled around the world with the lion king. >> about 85 pounds, all told. >> reporter: and gives us an exclusive look at fried rock, a radio-controlled centerpiece of the entire performance. >> it really has a lot of hidden meaning. not just from a scenic element. >> reporter: now, in its 14th year, the lion king has won six tony awards.
5:43 pm
>> the show looks incredible. and is great for the whole family. but we should mention that parts may be a little intense for children under 8. denise? >> they probably already watched the video. so they already know the story. >> i know. >> thank you, jessica. performances begin tomorrow, with ticket prices starting at $22. not bad. still ahead. the steps every woman should take to reduce her risk of the deadly disease. attacked over sneakers. how a pair of shoes led to this beating on a college campus. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. a dry, chilly end to the week after a messy night tonight. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] holiday plus cookies plus memories
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locally tonight, after 1:00, 2:00 in the morning, we might see a trace to an inch in the city. 1 to 3, as i mentioned, north and west of the baltimore region. 32 in the morning. there can be icy spots. watch for those. 41. it will be plenty sunny all day long. temperatures holding in the 40s. cool weekend with sunshine. 42, 44. 48 with sun again on monday. back to normal, december temperatures. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. in today's energy saver, with colder air returning, many of you will be turning up your thermostats. you should set thermostats between 65 in the winter. while sleeping, add an extra blanket for warmth. warmer temperatures are recommended for people with elderly or sick or an infant, of course. for more information, go to scroll down to the right-hand side of the page and click on our special section. a vicious attack, started
5:48 pm
over a pair of sneakers. students at dean college say the attacker thought the victim had stolen his shoes. you can see the student takes the shoes and uses it to hit the victim. the attacker has been expelled. along with eight cameras, -- eight celebrating and mocking the victims. the families of some of the men killed in a west virginia mine disaster are ripping a settlement with the mine's owners. massey energy will pay out nearly $210 million after a blast last year. but the company will not face criminal prosecution. and that has the victim's families upset. >> these people don't care. you know? all they worry about. >> you can't put a price tag on these men's lives. >> prosecutors could still bring charges against individual members of the company. >> in tonight's healthwatch, a new report, identified several ways that women can reduce their risk of breast cancer.
5:49 pm
bigat shaban reports for wjz, with the very simple steps every woman should take. >> i totally did. >> jennifer zeits' family puts her an an increased risk for breast cancer. >> i watched my sister pass away. and it was awful. she was only 28. >> reporter: nothing can be done about genetics, but a new institute of medicine report is outlining other ways women can reduce their chances of getting the disease. they include no smoking. avoiding certain hormone therapies. and eliminating alcohol use. >> if you have pain in your side, why don't you get a ct scan. those are the kinds of things where you can make a difference. >> using cell phones and hair dyes probably won't impact a woman's risk for breast cancer. according to researchers who say multiple studies have r
5:50 pm
haven't shown a link to the disease. >> the report says maintaining exercise is a result. >> how are you? >> good. >> she now sees a prevention specialist to reduce her own risk factors and is even considering having her breasts removed. >> i am going to do everything i can to fight for my health and my children. >> reporter: as a mother of three, she's determined to stay healthy for her family. in los angeles, bigad shiban, wjz eyewitness news. >> the report says maintaining a healthy weight and exercising can also help. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for all new stories. vic is standing by live with a preview. of course, we'll bring you the updated forecast. and fight to legalize same-sex marriage. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is lending her voice to a growing movement. and an emotional ceremony for families who lost loved ones to drunk driving. check in for more on these
5:51 pm
stories and all the day's breaking news. new at 6:00. now back to you. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. a reality show stunt goes very wrong. the experiment that put a family in danger and left major damage in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
police in china bust a major child trafficking ring, arresting more than 300 people. 339 suspects were arrested in 132 babies rescued. the investigation began three months ago, when police found three babies being transported in a car on a national highway. police say they investigated the three adults in that car and the result led them to the major child trafficking ring. an alert for parents. those instant noodles in a cup may be cheap and convenient. but they are sending some children to emergency rooms. a report from a national public radio are saying doctors are seeing more children with soup burns. the problem is, the boiling water that you pour into the cups to cook the noosdzs can easily spill over. a group is working with manufacturers to fix the
5:55 pm
product design. going totally wrong, sending the cannon. the show was filming when it happened. the cannon was supposed to go you through barrels of water. but it clearly missed its target. >> the roof up there. you can see all the roof tiles are demolished. >> okay. some other homes and a car in the neighborhood were also damaged. resident says it sounded like a loud boom when the cannon ball hit. no one was hurt. that's the good fortune there. >> just shows the -- hope the insurance pays up. because they will be paying out now. still ahead on eyewitness news. >> conspirator paul schurick. what does this guilty verdict ,,
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
starts now. hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a round of winter weather is moving this way right now. a live look outside right now. it has been raining all day, of course. but as colder temperatures move in, that's going to change. you're looking live at one of the maryland transportation cameras in western maryland, where snow is already falling. so what should we expect and when. bob turk is tracking first warning doppler radar. >> later tonight, that chilly air begins to move across the mountains. and late tonight, early in the morning, it may just be cold enough in the local area, baltimore, d.c. area, to see some of


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